MassMsg Plan

…Utilize text message marketing (SMS) to build your brand, increase revenue and grow your business.

mass msg plan


Over 95% of text messages are opened and read!


Your customers and prospects read text messages. Are your leveraging the effectiveness of text messages for your brand and your marketing objectives?

MassMsg Features:
  • Send MassMsg text messages to opt-in subscribers with promotions, discounts and specials
  • Manage MassMsg and allow multiple admins access
  • Include links, PDF and other image attachments in your MassMsg texts
  • Build database and segment text message numbers in MassMsg
  • Customized reporting to measure message effectiveness
  • Protect personal contact details and ease support team transitions
  • Schedule MassMsg texts to be sent and create auto-replies to pre-qualify prospects
  • MassMsg is ideal for building brands, distributing promotions, reaching new customers and managing your marketing programs.
Designed to…
  • Send text messages to large volumes of clients, prospects, or fans
  • Operate within privacy protocols and compliant with Mobile Marketing Association requirements
  • Protect personal text numbers of administrators and staff
  • Simplify marketing campaigns and automatically pre-qualify leads
Example Uses…
Perfect for weekend Sporting Events Communications, Community Communications, Clubs and Group Communications, Church Communications, and much more.