Read more about all 3 of our MassMsg Plans, including, LeadMsg, MassMsg, and MultiMsg Plans. Grow your network and marketing thru our text message management system.

LeadMsg Plan

LeadMsg will capture leads and grow your network in the most efficient and effective manor available

lead msg plan


Increase your sales leads

LeadMsg puts sales details
WHERE prospects want details,
WHEN prospects want details.

LeadMsg Features:
  • Generates sales leads
  • Delivers auto-rely texts and auto-follow up texts to qualify leads
  • Instant notification of prospect interest
  • Dashboard Management from Smart Phone or computer
  • Customized reporting to measure effectiveness
  • Protect personal contact details and ease support team transitions
  • Collect contact details for ongoing marketing
  • Less than $0.05 per text
LeadMsg is perfect for…
Selling houses, cars, boats, and commercial real estate, especially remotely located parcels.

See our vertical market solutions

LeadMsg will quickly become the best way to…
Generate and qualify leads, while distributing details quickly and in the preferred method, via text messages!

MassMsg Plan

…Utilize text message marketing (SMS) to build your brand, increase revenue and grow your business.

mass msg plan


Send messages to large parties all at once.

Your customers and prospects read text messages. Are your leveraging the effectiveness of text messages for your brand and your marketing objectives?

MassMsg Features:
  • Send MassMsg text messages to opt-in subscribers with promotions, discounts and specials
  • Manage MassMsg and allow multiple admins access
  • Include links, PDF and other image attachments in your MassMsg texts
  • Build database and segment text message numbers in MassMsg
  • Customized reporting to measure message effectiveness
  • Protect personal contact details and ease support team transitions
  • Schedule MassMsg texts to be sent and create auto-replies to pre-qualify prospects
  • MassMsg is ideal for building brands, distributing promotions, reaching new customers and managing your marketing programs.
Designed to…
  • Send text messages to large volumes of clients, prospects, or fans
  • Operate within privacy protocols and compliant with Mobile Marketing Association requirements
  • Protect personal text numbers of administrators and staff
  • Simplify marketing campaigns and automatically pre-qualify leads
Example Uses…
Perfect for weekend Sporting Events Communications, Community Communications, Clubs and Group Communications, Church Communications, and much more.

MultiMsg Plan

Utilize MultiMsg to build your brand, increase revenue and grow your business.

multi msg plan


Text your business card.

MultiMsg was created to enhance business cards and offer easier, more relevant and more lasting way to position yourself, products and/or services with text messages.

MultiMsg – Send contact details and explain what you do in a series of text messages

MultiMsg Instructions:
  • Set up an account and create a MultiMsg campaign
  • Invite clients and prospects to learn about you and your business by texting a MultiMsg KeyWord to a specific number
    1. Include on business cards or promotional materials
    2. Add to your social media
    3. Combine MultiMsg with TextCard for an unforgettable first impression
  • When your MultiMsg KeyWord is used, up to 5 text messages can be automatically sent to explain and present your business, featured items, a discount/special/promo, or anything else
  • MultiMsg is a clever way to instantly explain your business or brand, and share details
  • Experience an example by texting ‘ShowMeMM’ to 48421