Over 95% of text messages are opened and read!

All MassMsg services…

…Operate within acceptable industry privacy standards, and compliant with Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) privacy policies. All MassMsg services require Opt-in or double Opt-in permission from customers.

Trust MassMsg to utilize text message marketing (SMS) for your marketing plans

…Avoid any restricted protocols for personal text messaging from mobile carriers. All carriers have limits on text messaging, either volume triggers or ‘no reply’ triggers to protect customers from text practices prohibited in use agreement.

MassMsg protects your team identity while building customer confidence in your brand

…Protect personal text message contact details allowing text messages to be sent and managed without distributing personal text numbers.

MassMsg protects personal text contact details while providing a robust text messaging solutions from a dashboard administered by multiple users.

…Utilize text message marketing (SMS) to build your brand, increase revenue and grow your business.

MassMsg will streamline your communication protocol, improve your customer service, concentrate your marketing dollars and evolve your marketing programs.

…Pre-qualified leads for large ticket sales (boats, home commercial property).

LeadMsg will capture leads and grow your network in the most efficient and effective manor available